Employer Services

Businesses don’t make a profit by getting involved in sticky employment law disputes.

To help your business stay focused on its business by doing the right thing and avoiding draining employment law problems, The Law Office of Alan Kansas, LLC offers several cost-effective options:

Employment Policy and Practice Review

During this process, Alan will review your current employment policies and practices and offer advice regarding:

  • Contracts and offer letters;
  • Use of independent contractors;
  • Overtime and minimum wage;
  • Discrimination and Harassment written policies, employee education and incident response;
  • Protection of confidential information and trade secrets from employees;
  • Termination of employment; and
  • Louisiana Unemployment Compensation.

Fees are determined based on the number of employees and the type of business.  To get started, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Alan here: https://schedulewithalan.as.me/

Termination or Disciplinary Action Review

Do you want to terminate or discipline an employee, but are concerned that it will lead to litigation?  Get an objective review of your situation from an attorney with over 20 years of employment law experience.  Alan Kansas can review the situation with you to ensure you aren’t making a misstep that can make a bad situation worse and cost you big.  Alan can offer detailed advice on what to say and how to conduct the termination meeting to protect the company from liability caused by hasty or sloppy actions by supervisors.

Dealing with Requests for Medical Leave and Other Reasonable Accommodation

Are you struggling to find a workable and legal solution to an employee’s request for medical leave or reasonable accommodation? Make sure you understand the legal requirements before creating a lawsuit or setting a bad workplace precedent.

Internal Investigations

Has an employee complained about discrimination or other possibly illegal conduct?  You can’t afford to bury your head in the sand or go with a seat-of-the-pants response.  Bring in The Law Office of Alan Kansas, LLC to conduct the investigation directly or to advise you along the way.

Do you have reason to believe an employee is engaged in theft, fraud, or other improper conduct? Work with Alan Kansas to ensure you conduct a proper investigation and minimize your liability risk by taking the necessary actions to protect the business.

Training Employees on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Just having written policies is not enough to protect an employer from liability for discrimination.  In order to show the Courts, the EEOC, and your employees that you really mean it when you say that you do not tolerate sexual harassment or other legal discrimination in the workplace, schedule Alan Kansas to present training at your employee meetings.

Responding to EEOC Charges and Demand Letters

Has an employee filed an EEOC Charge against you, threatened a lawsuit, or hired a lawyer who sent you a demand letter?  Have Alan Kansas assess the threat and advise you on the proper response. Or hire Alan to represent you in front of the agency or by directly responding to the employee or lawyer.

Drafting Employment Contracts, Non-Competition Agreements, and Severance Agreements

In many situations, employers can use employment contracts to retain and incentivize employees.  But poorly drafted agreements can do more harm than good.  Let The Law Office of Alan Kansas, LLC help you draft and negotiate contracts that perform as expected without creating legal problems.

All of the Above

Alan can be a regular part of your team if your business wants a “go-to” resource for all employment law issues. Contact him today for your free 15-minute phone consultation with Alan to discuss your business and employment law challenges.

Litigation Representation

Alan Kansas uses his decades of legal experience to provide professional and cost-effective defense when your company gets sued.