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Estate Planning is about much more than just preparing legal documents. Estate planning empowers you to live your life by helping you clarify what is important and removing the worries and doubts about what will happen to those you love when something happens to you. Your estate plan does not have to be complex or expensive to protect you and your family from unnecessary loss and drama. However, it should correctly express your wishes in accordance with Louisiana law.

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Areas of Expertise

Estate Planning, Probate, Wills, Successions, Legal Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Employment Law

Estate Planning

Estate planning is important to everyone. It’s best to sit down with an experienced attorney who can craft a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your specific wishes. Alan Kansas has broad knowledge of the laws relating to estate planning, successions, wills, trusts, employment, and wants to help you and your family. His thorough estate planning process ensures that assets are not lost and protects young children in emergency situations. 


When someone dies, regardless of whether the person had a will, legal work is usually required to pass on assets to those entitled to receive them. In Louisiana, this process is referred to as a Succession. Depending on the estate, this could be simple or complex. Working with a succession attorney is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Employment Law

Whether you are an employee or an employer, Alan handles wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, contracts, wage and hour violations, overtime rights, and other workplace-related issues.

Losing A Loved One Is One of The Most Trying Times In An Individual’s Life

As a counselor and attorney, I focus on providing personal, practical Estate Planning and Successions advice drawn from my decades of legal experience and a genuine concern for my clients as friends and fellow citizens.

My Commitment To You

  • I provide a Free initial consultation. 

  • All Estate Plans are charged on a Flat Fee, so there are never any surprises.

  • Personalized service – together, we design the right plan for you and your personal situation.

  • Streamlined and easy process to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • Complete Solutions including Free Lifetime Reviews on Estate Plans.

  • Open communication and lasting relationships. 

  • I will listen, help you solve problems, and follow through to make sure I get the details right. That is what I do. Let me help you with personal, practical, Estate Planning services.

Attorney Alan Kansas

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Dealing with legal issues surrounding death is often overwhelming and confusing. I can help you put an Estate Plan in place that will give you peace of mind knowing you have done the right thing to honor your loved ones and make sure they avoid unnecessary expense and often painful controversy. If you have lost a loved one, I can help you complete the succession efficiently and properly. I’d love to discuss how I can help you.

What My Clients Say

I hired Mr. Kansas to help draft an employment contract for my small business. He was very professional and had a very quick turnaround time with the contract. Ease of availability and his flat rate services make him an excellent employment attorney for small business owners.
A Satisfied Client
I had a case pending from a previous job and Alan provided two very responsive and helpful pieces of advice to consider in deciding whether or not to proceed. Based on his advice, I realized it was time to drop the case and move on. He is very knowledgeable and seeks the best advice, not just another job, which is greatly appreciated.
Alan has been very helpful in creating a contract that will help to achieve a fair deal for both parties. He has under-promised and over delivered and his work has been on schedule.
A Satisfied Client