Employee Services

Employees facing the challenge of possible illegal actions at work or recovering from a potentially illegal termination of employment have options for responding to the situation.

To make a wise decision, they need to know more than just whether they “have a case” – which is rarely a clear-cut decision.

Only when someone knows the law and how it applies to their case, understands the timeline, expenses, and procedures involved, and realizes the costs and potential outcomes, can they make a truly informed decision about what to do.  But if someone is just calling attorneys to see if they will take their case, they are not getting real legal advice or answers to all these questions.

Attorney Alan Kansas uses his decades of employment law experience to fill the knowledge gap and provide personalized advice and strategies, so his clients stay in control and get better outcomes. Alan’s focus is on providing an objective legal assessment, ensuring that clients have accurate information about the law and procedures, and helping clients make a realistic plan for moving forward that is consistent with their personal values and objectives. Fortunately, litigation is usually not the only option.  Different people with different personal circumstances will make different decisions.  And the actions a person takes after a problem arises can have a huge positive or negative impact. For most people, it is better to avoid being put in a situation where they must go to court to protect their rights. The sooner someone can get this advice, the more options they have.

To begin working with Alan, choose one of the following options or schedule a free 15 minute consultation phone call.

Employment Law Counseling Session

In order help you decide what actions are most appropriate for you based on the facts, the law, and your personal goals and circumstances, Alan Kansas offers employees a one-hour Employment Law Counseling Session.

In order help you decide what actions are most appropriate for you based on the facts, the law, and your personal goals and circumstances, Alan Kansas offers employees a one-hour Employment Law Counseling Session

Before the session, you will have an opportunity to submit written information and documents about your case for Alan to review.  Then, at the one-hour session with Alan, you will discuss:

  • the facts of your case;
  • Alan’s legal assessment of your case;
  • the evidence that you might develop to improve your case;
  • the litigation process, including the expenses, delay, and other consequences of litigation; and
  • other non-litigation options that might improve your situation – such as, where appropriate, informally appealing the decision to terminate, requests for severance packages, unemployment, and administrative charges of discrimination.

The employment law counseling session is perfect for employees with concerns about:

  • Illegal discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on their current job;
  • Illegal termination of employment;
  • Failure to provide medical leave for a serious health condition (FMLA);
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodation for disability (ADA);
  • Pay issues like overtime and failure to pay bonuses or unused vacation days;
  • Responding to other illegal action by the employer (potential whistleblowers)

Employment Contract Counseling Session

For employees with questions about Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements, and Non-Competition Agreements, Alan offers an Employment Contract Counseling Session for $400. In addition to covering the topics included in the Employment Law Counseling Session, Alan will review your employment contract, severance agreement, or non-competition agreement with you to make sure you understand the legal document, help you to identify and express your concerns about anything contained in the agreement, and help you decide how to respond.

Other Employee Services

After completing an Employment Law Counseling Session or Employment Contract Counseling Session, Alan can offer compatible clients continuing representation in the form of:

  • ongoing behind the scenes advice;
  • assistance with preparing internal complaints and administrative (EEOC) charges;
  • representation during contract and severance negotiations; and
  • representation at internal and administrative appeal hearings, arbitrations, and mediations.

In many cases, Alan can provide a fixed or flat fee for these services. The firm retains discretion in all decisions regarding what additional services and terms of engagement will be offered to clients.